O’Brien Waste Recycling Solutions (a trading name of Biffa Waste Services Limited) has high environmental performance standards including a 0% waste to landfill policy. We are committed to achieving sustainable development, both in the local communities where we operate and throughout the company as a whole.

We have a dedicated environmental compliance team within the business. As a waste operator, O’Brien Waste Recycling Solutions is required to comply with a variety of legal and other requirements that are applicable to our activities and services. Legal and regulatory compliance is a key requirement of our ISO 14001 certification and our Environmental Management Systems provide the right structure to ensure this.

ISO accreditations

We recognise the duty we have to ensure that the environmental burdens of the company’s operations are minimised and we achieve this by setting high environmental standards. We appreciate that landfill of materials is also the least preferred option for our clients too and are continuously investigating new options and emerging technologies to further avoid the landfilling of our residual materials.

We have our own systems for the collection of emissions data and reporting of our carbon footprint. This includes the conversion of waste materials diverted from landfill, as well as direct energy use and transport emissions.

Duty of Care

All businesses in England and Wales have a legal Duty of Care to ensure waste is disposed of responsibly.

If you produce waste you must take all reasonable steps to keep waste safe. Businesses are not permitted to dispose of their waste at Recycling Centres for Household Waste as these are for domestic use only.

If you give it to someone else you must be sure they are authorised to collect, transport, process or dispose of it safely and legally. If you break the law you could be fined an unlimited amount.
Duty of care has no time limit as it extends until the waste has been finally disposed of or fully recovered. You are liable for your waste up until the point you receive certification confirming its disposal.

Businesses are legally required to keep waste transfer notes and certificates confirming disposal for a minimum of 2 years and could be asked to produce them at any time. If they don’t do this it is a criminal offence and could result in an on the spot fine or a conviction.

We can arrange fully-compliant, safe and environmentally-friendly waste removal solutions.

Sustainable transport policy

We maintain a modern fleet of vehicles and when purchasing our vehicles ensure they are specified to Euro 5 standard and are fitted with SCR advanced active emissions control technology. This policy results in better fuel efficiency, less harmful emissions and a smaller carbon footprint.

O’Brien Waste Recycling Solutions is ISO 14001 certified and as part of our Environmental Management System we:

  • Undertake to comply with all relevant legislation
  • Critically examine the company’s environmental effects, in order to focus on the most important issues
  • Continually improve upon our environmental performance
  • Are committed to continuous review and update of the company’s legal and environmental aspects and impacts
  • We are committed to communicating our expectations for health, safety and environmental performance to our staff through training and support in order to encourage an atmosphere of ‘best environmental practice’
  • We are also committed to setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-based) targets and objectives as a means of charting performance.

We achieve the above by:

  • Regularly self-auditing to make sure our policies are actually put into practice
  • Continually improve on our excellent recycling and recovery rates
  • Providing our clients with a service, our employees with a managerial framework, and our local communities with a neighbour which is serious about the environmental challenges of the coming years
  • Accurately carbon footprint our fleet and operations to see how we can actively reduce our impact on climate change
  • In combination with our partners, our overriding objective is to safeguard a sustainable future for the company with prospects for long-term growth and profit.

"The service is excellent, waste is collected on schedule, invoicing is timely and accurate"

Karen Wade, Director of Facilities Management, Sunderland College