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As environmental protection and corporate social responsibility (CSR) becomes more of a key differentiator for businesses, so increases the need to find a waste recycling partner to help increase environmental performance and lower your carbon footprint.

Standards in waste management are being raised all of the time as is the expectation of what waste recycling providers should be offering.

Here are 5 questions to ask your waste recycling partner:

  1. Flexibility – the waste created by businesses can often differ in volume week to week. You should ask your waste provider how accommodating they are if additional collections are required? Also are their waste operatives polite and helpful in arranging additional collections?
  2. Reporting – what happens to the waste? Your recycling provider should provide you with a monthly report detailing the amount of waste collected and the end destination. These reports can help your business track its waste and ensure you are adhere to your duty of care. Effective waste reports can also help your business identify improvements to be made in recycling rates, which can offer cost savings.
  3. Trusted – is your waste partner trusted by enterprise level businesses? CSR-focussed, larger organisations often have very strict environmental and waste requirements? A trusted waste recycling partner should offer the same level of service and compliance for businesses of all sizes.
  4. Partnership – how does your waste provider help you and your staff improve your recycling rates? Do they add value by hosting recycling awareness sessions and workshops for your staff? In a world that is becoming more focused on businesses environmental performance, those who pursue efficiency in waste recycling boost their eco credentials and invariably lower their carbon footprint.
  5. Responsibility – what happens to your waste once it is collected? Your recycling partner should provide you with a waste transfer notice and details of the end destination of recyclable materials. Ideally the waste will not go to landfill, rather it should be segregated and processed into different waste streams (plastics, paper, cardboard, glass etc.) ready to be recycled into new products.
“We were drawn to O’Brien because of their reputation for working in partnership, rather than a company to simply dispose of our waste.”

Malcolm Mayes, Systems Engineer from Nifco UK

O'Brien fleetO’Brien Waste Recycling Solutions is a fast-growing business operating in a dynamic industry. We are continually ahead of the curve in the waste management sector thanks to our award-winning*, customer-first approach and investment in innovative technology solutions.

As the North East’s largest waste recycler, our goal since our inception in 2006 has been to provide a range of environmentally friendly, multi-stream waste collection and recycling solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our rates of recycling are industry leading, with most waste collected being fully separated into recyclable materials and the remainder being used as Energy from Waste (EfW).

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