A key requirement of the duty of care is to complete waste transfer notes to document and describe all the waste you transfer. To do this correctly you must know the industry you’re in using the ‘SIC Code’ – the Standard Industry Classification code for your industry.

Click here to access a PDF detailing O’Brien SIC (2003 & 2007) codes


People need to accurately describe their waste to others for various reasons – for example, to say what kinds of waste they are allowed to handle (permitting) and what kind of waste is being handed over (duty of care).

The European Waste Catalogue allows standard descriptions to be used, which can then be understood by everyone. The European Waste Catalogue codes are transposed into UK law through The List of Wastes (LOW) Regulations.

The use of these codes is a legal requirement of the Duty of Care (DoC) legislation in the UK.
A Waste Transfer Note must always contain a written description of the waste as well as the EWC code. This should be sufficient to enable the main components of the waste to be identified accurately.

For further guidance on using the list of wastes and selecting correct EWC codes click here.