O’Brien worked with Angus Council for a number of years and built a great working relationship with them which led to our contract being extended numerous times.

The council was seeking a suitably experienced and qualified contractor to provide uplift and haulage of several waste streams in addition to reprocessing services, we were awarded this contract in August 2012.

The materials from both households and commercial premises were collected by the council and hauled to their central bulking facility. The type of materials collected included cardboard, plastic bottles, mixed plastic packaging, aluminium and steel cans which were baled for O’Brien to collect from their facility.

Key Performance Indicators / Service Levels

  • Collection of materials on agreed days and at agreed times
  • Additional collection requests
  • Reports sent on agreed dates
  • Self-bill invoices sent within agreed time frame
  • Maintain service level throughout inclement weather

O’Brien already had excellent working relationships in place with the UK’s largest re-processors due to constant supply of high quality materials on a daily basis prior to commencing this contract.

We have a dedicated team who deal with all of our material trading. The team is managed by an experienced waste material trader who has dealt with end destinations, re-processors, shipping lines, international customs and environment agencies for many years. The manager oversees the team, secure outlets on both short and long term agreements and manages the relationships with our outlets, shipping lines and regulators. Regular visits to the end destinations are conducted to allow for future material to be supplied in the knowledge that O’Brien always supplies a high quality of materials to be processed.

We not only source outlets for the materials we produce from our own MRFs (Material Recycling Facility), we also purchase other recycling companies’ materials from across the UK.  This allows O’Brien to command better rates for material by providing higher volumes to the re-processors.

The council opted to implement a co-mingled collection strategy / contract in October 2015 and our contract ended at this point.


O’Brien continually worked with authority on transport efficiency and storage capacity at the transfer station. On occasion when the council’s segregation equipment had down time we stepped in to provide the service for them improving our partnership working.