Darlington College is a state-of-the-art further education facility at the heart of the local community providing a large variety of courses across the region.

The college had introduced a segregation and recycling regime and wanted a waste provider to increase their recycling rates. O’Brien recommended keeping the current segregation in place using 1100 litre bins but to increase the recycling performance we implemented staff and student education and improved signage within the college.

This was carried out using the college’s internal website, notice boards, screens and the bins to highlight the recycling aims of the college.

The viewing gallery at O’Brien Head Office was made available to staff and students to visit and see first-hand the segregation and recycling process from start to finish. Scope of Materials: Cardboard, paper, glass, plastics, cans, construction waste and mixed scrap

Key Performance Indicators / Service Levels

  • 1100 litre wheeled bins for general and dry mixed recycling waste
  • Removal of waste on agreed days and at agreed times
  • Response times to requests of service Cleanliness of storage areas for bins
  • Condition and image of containers supplied
  • Individual and dedicated skips (to service construction and engineering activities)
  • Monthly performance meetings


The on-site baler was not being used to its full potential which led to a disposal cost for the college as they were not producing sufficient quantities. O’Brien advised the college to remove the baler and dispose of the waste with their other recycling, this saved on the hire and maintenance costs of the baler.


  • Increased on-site recycling rate
  • Reduced costs
  • Engage with staff and students to raise awareness