Gentoo is a large North East based social enterprise with a vision to improve the Art of Living. Their work is focused around three key areas to maximise their impact: people, planet and property.

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O’Brien has operated a Waste Management Service with Gentoo for the past 5 years; the first contract was awarded in 2011. Working in partnership with the Gentoo Group was a new step for O’Brien and Gentoo also took a ‘leap of faith’ with our recycling proposal. The contract has been a success and O’Brien continues to deliver all that was promised, and in addition we have achieved and in some cases exceeded targets that were initially set.

The contract was retained in May 2015. Waste Streams include : General, Wood, Metal, Inert, Green, Glass, Plasterboard, Tyres, Mixed Recyclables, Asbestos, Weee, Confidential Waste, Hazardous Waste.

Key Performance Indicators / Services Levels

Due to the nature of Gentoo’s works they require challenging turn-around times and O’Brien have exceeded the KPI’s for Gentoo construction sites and depots. O’Brien understand the importance of ensuring a swift and smooth service is applied at all-times to ensure Gentoo can complete their projects and this also includes their hazardous asbestos loads.


Site audits for both office area’s and the construction sites were carried out including recycling and segregation awareness. Working with Gentoo Project Managers, cleaners and the Gentoo Green Team to offer continuous improvements around all areas of Gentoo’s business which in turn has reduced costs and increased overall recycling.

We use the I-Auditing system to digitally record our findings and review the waste from each site with the relative parties and advise on the improvements which can be implemented and monitor this continuously to ensure maxim results are obtained.


  • Implemented DMR segregation group wide
  • Segregation Plan implementation on all construction sites
  • Site by Site Management Reporting
  • 50% recycling increase and cost reduction