Northumbria Police serves a population of 1.5 million people and covers an area of more than 2,000 square miles in the North East of England, from the Scottish border down to County Durham and from the Pennines across to the North East coast. Northumbria is one of the largest forces in the country and is recognised as one of the top performing in the UK.

Northumbria Police logoNorthumbria Police are committed to the Government’s sustainability agenda and have Sustainable Development Strategies to support these objectives. Waste Management is a major part of these strategies.

A waste management provider was required who were able to work with the Force to realise these objectives. Northumbria Police’s intention was to accept a ‘one stop’ managed waste management service with one provider regardless of the waste type. O’Brien successfully re-tendered for this contract and were awarded a new 4 year contract.

Key performance indicators

  • Removal of waste on agreed days and at agreed times
  • Response times to requests of service
  • Cleanliness of storage area’s for bins
  • Condition and image of containers supplied
  • Reports sent on agreed dates
  • Emergency call out within 3 hours
  • Emergency Police Raid Skip Hire (24 hours call out)
  • Provide gritting services Maintain service level throughout inclement weather


This contract saw O’Brien fully implement a ‘2 bin’ system, one bin for general waste and 1 for mixed recycling (card, paper, cans, tins, plastics). This was across 65 stations and took a total of 8 months to roll out as O’Brien progressed station by station in line with the force’s request. We implemented this plan by starting recycling at their HQ in Ponteland and when this was complete and operating successfully, it was rolled out to the area commands across the region.

O’Brien initially met with all heads of departments (45) and held a question and answer session as well as advising on:

  • The implementation of the contract
  • How the changes would affect individuals
  • The method of recycling
  • The benefits to the force both financially & environmentally

Our contract manager and Northumbria Police’s Sustainability Manager, visited each station within the area commands and performed a recycling audit to decide how many recycling internal and external bins were needed to ensure the programme was a success.

O’Brien also provide a cost effective and efficient on-site waste management service for Northumbria Police involving our operatives clearing out redundant buildings and site clearances. We also identified areas for continuous improvements and arrange a revenue for metals produced in their fire arms unit and various other units with the area commands.


Recycling levels across the force have increased by 55% whilst costs have reduced by 30% in the first year.

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