Northumbria University contract involves a wide range of waste streams across a number of locations within a busy city centre. The set up and running of this contract is managed by a Contract Manager who provides the necessary link between O’Brien and the university team.

Northumbria University logoThis contract involved setting up a 2 bin waste stream collection approach (general and mixed recycling). Over 300 1100ltr bins are located throughout different University locations across Newcastle. There are also a number of skips and other waste containers which are serviced on a regular basis. Hazardous and clinical waste is also managed by O’Brien.

Key performance indicators

  • Removal of waste on agreed days and at agreed times
  • Response times to requests of service
  • Additional or “on demand” collections of waste
  • Cleanliness of storage area’s for bins
  • Regular audits on condition of containers & service of collection teams
  • Monthly performance meetings
  • Maintain service level throughout inclement weather


A full education and awareness programme was introduced to promote recycling and this is continuously reviewed. The Contract Manager has also arranged regular visits to O’Brien MRF for both students and staff of the university to understand why we ask for the waste to be collected this way, what happens to the waste once it is collected, the effects of their actions in terms of segregation etc.


At the start of the contract, the recycling level was running at just 15% however this has now been raised to 45% and is continually growing.

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