- Jan 16, 2018

The new year sees the continuation of a partnership between two of the region’s most environmentally-focussed businesses, Esh Group & O’Brien Waste Recycling. The rolling estimated 500K annual contract, which commenced last year, will see O’Brien continue to deliver a range of skip and bin waste recycling services for Esh’s North East based construction work including it’s offices in Durham.

Most businesses will recognise that environmental performance and corporate social responsibility are becoming more of a key differentiator but Durham-based Esh are particularly ahead of the curve in this regard, with a series of schemes underway to support and engage with communities, clients and their own workforce. Wallsend-based O’Brien Waste Recycling Solutions was successful in securing the partnership due to it’s own ethical business ethos which is underpinned by a thorough waste sorting processes designed to extract as many recyclables from commercial waste as possible. This is achieved with a combination of manual and automated processes. Standards are rightly being raised all of the time as is the expectation of what waste companies should offer.

Central to the deal is the delivery of a series of KPIs to measure performance. This is aided the dedicated O’Brien account manager who works closely with the Esh facilities team to improve environmental performance via a combination of analytics and education initiatives. This service-focussed, ‘working in partnership’ approach sets the waste recycler apart from its regional and national competitors.

David Bennett & Simon Park

David Bennett & Simon Park

Simon Park, Energy & Environmental Advisor at Esh commented: “Businesses should know where their waste is going and should ensure their waste recycling partner is going the extra mile to help them raise their levels of recycling. As such we are delighted to be working with O’Brien. Waste Management is one of the pillars of our Summit 2026 Strategy. Clearly our goal is to send zero non-hazardous materials to landfill by 2026 and to aid our progression to a circular economy.”

David Bennett, Sales & Marketing Director at O’Brien concludes: “The provision of waste services goes beyond simply supplying a business with a bin or a skip and picking them up when they are full. Businesses rightly expect more. They are looking a business partner to help them identify improvements in their waste recycling performance via a combination of industry expertise and innovation. We greatly admire Esh’s approach to business and are grateful to be a part of their journey.”

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