Tata Steel are a leading supplier of steel products and specialist profiles operating from various sites throughout Teesside including TATA 20” and 42”.

Tata SteelO’Brien have also serviced the British Steel Beam Mill, Service Centre, Skinningrove and Darlington sites, which were all formerly Tata sites, since 2011. Prior to be being awarded the contract the majority of sites did not have any segregation in place. A key reason O’Brien won the waste contract was our determination and commitment to implement a bespoke waste management plan for each site to help increase overall recycling, enhance environmental performance and reduce costs.

Tata produce various waste streams and O’Brien have implemented site specific containers for mixed recycling, general waste and further segregation of wood, metals, plastics, rubble, paper, cardboard, inert and hazardous waste. Our success on site has been achieved by working as a partnership with Tata, not only by providing the containers but also in providing recycling awareness and education to all site users.

Key Performance Indicators / Service Levels

  • Removal of waste on agreed days and at agreed times
  • Response times to requests of service
  • Additional or “on demand” collections of waste
  • Cleanliness of storage areas for waste containers
  • Condition and image of containers
  • Reports sent within agreed timeframes
  • Emergency call out within 1 hour
  • Maintain service level throughout inclement weather


Due to continuous recycling awareness and working together with the Tata environmental teams and staff we have maintained excellent recycling rates and reduced costs. In recognition of our partnership and achievements Tata were awarded the long products excellence award for the “Green Category” This has also been recognised nationally by Tata senior management, leading to sites across the North East being shown as examples for waste recycling training across the UK.

Tata have regular shut downs which require O’Brien to respond to high volumes of waste to be collected with quick turnarounds including out of hours requests. We have implemented an electronic ordering system to ensure all requests are processed and confirmed guaranteeing Tata an excellent service at all times.

O’Brien have recycling centres strategically placed in the North East ensuring we always meet Tata’s service levels and KPIs.


Since O’Brien have been working with Tata they have achieved over 90% on-site recycling whilst reducing annual waste disposal spend by £250,000. Tata used to send their flux waste to landfill, however we have identified a solution which now saves them £100k per annum and achieves 100% landfill diversion.